Fuerteventura A quick glance

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You know what?
CorralejoFuerteventura is the most arid and deserted land in the Canary Islands.

It's amazing how different it is from the other islands, you'd think you were in the Sahara Desert!

It's not, but it could be! The Sahara is a little more than 200 km. from the Island. Fuerteventura is a true desert. You'll enjoy it. It's like nowhere else; heavenly, solitary, endless white-sand beaches, the never-ending sun and the turquoise blue of the sea. Fuerteventura is a special place designed for enjoyment.

Dunes everywhere!

The sand is fine and white, and covers most of the shore. Like its sister islands, it's of volcanic origin, so you have all the elements: beaches, dunes and volcanoes.

What are the most interesting places on the Island?

The Corralejo Dunes Natural Park is located in the north. There are wide areas of dunes and white beaches of Jable sand, forming a nice contrast with the turquoise blue of the sky and the clear water of the sea.

Very near to the east of Corralejo, is the Lobos Island, a small island with a population of one - the lighthouse keeper! If you like diving don't miss this place, it's one of the best spots in the Canaries to let loose.

The tourist area is Jandía on the southern tip. Most of the accommodations are here. Get absolutely lost from humanity; go to the beaches in Sotavento, Barlovento, Cofete... and just disappear! ...they're huge, white, quiet, you'll see nobody for kilometres.

I see you like Fuerteventura beaches!

Yes, that's right! You'll love them too. But if you want something more traditional, visit Antigua, Tuineje and Betancuria, where you'll find the remains of the English and Berber pirate raids - towers, fortresses, castles, etc. You can also visit the volcanoes such as Tindaya.



Fuerteventura is a true paradise for beach lovers and windsurfers. Don't miss it!