La Gomera A quick glance

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You know what?
...La Gomera has an incredibly lush green landscape!
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Is it very wet?

Although La Gomera is located near the equator where it's supposed to be hot, the gentle trade winds and cool Canary currents make the climate mild and moderate all year, with an average temperature around 22ºC. Just like the other Islands, La Gomera has a volcanic origin. But unlike Tenerife, La Palma and Lanzarote, that went through numerous volcanic eruptions only a short time back, the last one here took place over 2 million years ago.

Where are the best places to visit?

The whole Island is an unexplored place of wild beauty - ideal to discover on foot to enjoy the ever-changing scenery of steep cliffs, beaches, natural swimming pools, etc. And don't miss the Garajonay National Park.

I've heard the highest mountain on the Island is there, right?

That's right, its name comes from an old legend about two lovers called Gara and Jonay, who committed suicide on this lush peak, because her family were opposed to their marriage.

Nice tale!

The dense forest growth here is thanks to condensation caused by the trade winds, but the park also has rocky peaks, fossils and volcanic chimneys, like 'Roque de Agando'. The park takes up one-tenth of the Island and you can walked through its network of paths, which display a great diversity of Mediterranean and subtropical ecosystems. Along the way you'll enjoy exotic sights of luxurious foliage, falls, and wild life. If you climb up to the top of Garajonay (1,487 metres), you'll encounter an unforgetable view of the Islands of La Palma, El Hierro, and even Tenerife.

It looks so good...

UNESCO declared Garajonay Park a Humanity Wealth in 1986.

...and besides trekking, can I swim at the beach?

Of course! Between the steep slopes that take up most of the shore, you can find many black-sand beaches, like San Sebastián, La Cueva, Avalos (near San Sebastián), Playa del Inglés (preferred by hippies some time ago), Argaga, Alojera and more. Besides the beaches, you can enjoy several natural swimming pools.