La Palma A quick glance

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You know what?
...La Palma is the island with the greatest altitude to surface ratio on the whole planet!
Los Tilos

What's the highest altitude?

The highest point is no less than 2,400 metres. Besides which, La Palma is the most humid and luxurious island of the Canaries. It's green, green, green and full of woodlands. The average temperatures range from 14oC in winter to a maximum of 28oC in summer, which is moderate for this latitude. The shore, like the interior, is sharp and steep, with small creeks and natural swimming pools formed by lava, like the 'Charco Azul' (Blue Pond) and 'La Fajana', with incomparably clear water. There aren't many beaches, but some black sand beaches can be found, like that in Puerto Naos or Los Cancajos, and one of the most attractive is Playa Nogales.

What activities do you recommend?

Adventures, like those of Indiana Jones or Tarzan can be had in the luxurious forests. The Caldera de Taburiente National Park has hundreds of streams, springs, falls, unique species of trees considered to be authentic living fossils. Also enjoy fun adventure walks and free camping. The 'Bosque de los Tilos' (Tilos Wood), declared a Biosphere Reservation by UNESCO is an incredibly attractive area.

I have heard the capital is absolutely delicious

Santa Cruz de La Palma is the capital of the Island, and is one of the most charming towns in all the Canaries. The beauty of its streets, squares and houses has contributed to its reputation as an artistic and historical site. Back to nature, there are many exciting places to discover. The 'Roque de Los Muchachos' (Kid's Peak), the highest peak on the Island, offers an incomparable view of 'La Caldera de Taburiente'. It has one of the best astrological observatories in the world, thanks to the clarity of the sky.

La Palma is a must

Visiting La Palma is something not to be missed. Official declarations apart, it deserves the popular nickname 'La Isla Bonita' (The Pretty Island), and it is.

You'll love it!