Lanzarote A quick glance

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You know what?
It looks like the moon! The whole 900 square kilometres are covered with solidified lava and volcanic rocks.

Cueva de los Verdes

... Volcanic rocks?
The Island has about three hundred volcanoes! Scenery like that creates an attractive contrast between the white houses and the blue water of the sea. An exceptional sight! UNESCO declared Lanzarote a World Biosphere Reservation for its protection and conservation.
What is the best of the Island? Where are the best places to go!

Take a look at this place and set up your camera! What you'll find in Lanzarote you won't find elsewhere on the planet.

Tell me about the 'Montañas del Fuego'! (Fire Mountains) Timanfaya

Do you want to feel like an astronaut for one day? Walking through Timanfaya National Park can only be compared to walking on the moon. After all the volcanic eruptions between 1730 and 1736, what you see is a vast black expanse.

Is it possible to get to the top of the volcano?

Of course! Don't miss it for anything in the world! It's alive! Even near the surface the temperature rises to 360º C!

What's there besides lava and volcanoes?

There are many spots on Lanzarote you shouldn't miss. One of the most famous is 'Jameos del Agua'. The 'jameos' are natural entrances to subterranean volcanic tunnels created by molten lava as it escaped to the sea. This one was produced by 'La Corona' volcano, and inside you'll see naturally formed lakes. A really special place.

Is it true there's a strange crab that lives there?

Yes, and it loves music! This tiny blind crab can only be found here in this unique environment, which by the way, is also home to one of the best naturally occurring acoustic chambers in the world. Of course it's been turned it into a terrific music hall!

Is the 'Cueva de los Verdes' a jameo too?

Yes. It's a section of the same volcanic tunnel system. The fascinating light and colour effects in its galleries are a must see!

All of these things you're talking about sound really interesting...

Since I know you're impatient to visit, I'll give you a brief description of a few more places. On the northern shore of Lanzarote there are five islets that can be seen from the 'Mirador del Río', an impressive lookout built over a sharp cliff. An incredible sight!

El golfoThe Golfo is a broken crater beside the sea. The currents formed a spectacular natural lake - startlingly green due to its high seaweed content.

You can also visit the International Contemporary Art Museum to see its comprehensive collection of 20th century art. It's in San José Castle - a relaxing place to have a drink and enjoy the sea as well.

On the way you'll come across the 'Farmer' - a monument which César Manrique, internationally acclaimed artist and native son, dedicated to the Island's agricultural past.

Wow! I really can't wait to see all of these places. But what about relaxing for a while on a quiet beach, have a swim, and a sunbath.

Of course! You have lots of choices. For the best beaches, go to the eastern side of the Island to Puerto del Carmen, Matagorda, Los Pocillos, Costa Teguise, Playa Quemada... all great places for fun in the sun.

Something wilder? Playa de Papagayo

You can find what you're looking for in the south at Playa Blanca or Playa del Papagayo - you'll love these unspoilt beaches. You can also enjoy Playa del Janubio to the north, Playa de las Malvas or perhaps Famara.

Lanzarote is an island that you'll never forget. It's truly exceptional!