El Hierro A quick glance

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Let's take a look...
Despite the fact that El Hierro is the smallest island of the Canaries, it has a great variety of natural formations: cliffs, volcanoes, creeks, woods, beaches, etc. It's ideal for lovers of nature and tranquillity, far away from conventional tourism. Average temperatures vary from 19ºC in winter to 23ºC in summer. El Hierro

What's the best of the Island?

You get terrific vistas wherever you go. For trekking, walk around the luxurious forests and unspoiled landscapes. From the lookout, 'Mirador de la Peña', you'll see 'El Golfo', a 15 km. delta with its impressively steep slopes.

What about the swimming and beaches?

Try the natural swimming pools in Pozo de las Calcosas or Tarmaduste, just 10 km. from the Island capital Valverde, which was formed from an eruption of El Tesoro volcano. For beaches, there are the unusual red sand and calm waters of Timijiraque or La Hoya del Verdoral, the longest on the Island. Or for even more solitude, the empty beaches of Almorranas, Arena, Los Cardones, Playa Dulce, etc. in the southwest.

The Roque de Bonanza is around here, isn't it?

Yes, it's one of the most symbolic places on the Island with its 200 metre high peak. Besides, this vast area has been declared a Natural Monument.

Is it possible to dive here?

For sure! The south coast sea bed is an excellent diving area due to the stillness of the water. 'Mar de las Calmas' (Calm Sea) is an ideal place for practising all kinds of water sports. Don't forget to visit 'Cueva de Don Justo' (Don Justo's Cave), a volcanic tunnel 6 km. long, and Lajial Natural Park.