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Learn of other people experiences, what they most liked about the island, what they did not care for, their advice, etc.

When you get back from your holidays, if you want to share your personal experiences, don't forget to call in here. Fill up the form and your comment will be at the disposal of future visitors here.

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the most quiet island I have ever been

What I liked most...: the traditional atmosphere What I cared for least...: my native country

bobbiaantje 25-01-2003 (18:30)

Good idea

What I liked most...: It is a good idea to publish all the feedback or questions you got. El Hierro is a very nice place and people are very friendly. I have been twice for paragliding and I hope to come once more. If you could publish the date of the " parapente concentration" on the web site a soon as it is known it would be fine for me. Best regards Jean-Gyl What I cared for least...:

Jean-Gyl 20-04-2002 (04:32)

Tupac Shakur

What I liked most...: OK, Apparently the famous rapper Tupac Shakur is living here. yes, you's islands secret is out. Now, I need information about this, is anyone here has it. Thankyou for your time. What I cared for least...:

Lord Knows 12-01-2002 (19:05)

The most beautifus island of the canaries

What I liked most...: The food and accomodations in the PARADOR, and last but not least Roque del Bonanza. What I cared for least...:

Bimbo and Traci 19-11-2001 (13:08)

Wonderful El Hierro

What I liked most...: The food at the Mirador, the walk in the woods, the sea,the weather What I cared for least...: the vertical roads

Maggie 29-05-2001 (10:58)

Telefone number

What I liked most...: What I cared for least...: It seems that the telephone number of theHotel Club EL SUBMARINO Frontera El Hierro is wrong.Would you change it please

Jean-Gyl 03-03-2000 (17:36)

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